R2R - Grand canyon, AZ

Not just
a great hike

But a great lesson in life. It’s not everyday you wake up knowing, “This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life.”

The story

Derived from determination, vision and purpose, Dan Klein created the My 3:59 movement based off of Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile and achieving the impossibles in our lives. Through this movement, the nonprofit Your 3:59 was created as a mission to combine adventure with philanthropy.

What the My 3:59 Nation loves about R2R and the Grand Canyon is that it is a tremendous metaphor for life. It’s a beautiful place that is full of ups and downs, time and pressure, and risks and rewards. It has been carved out of solid rock mostly by water which is the same thing that makes up the majority of you and me. By getting up everyday and working on the task at hand, you move forward with purpose to your ultimate destination, whether that be the next rim or to the next point in your life.

Over the last several years, My 3:59 has been taking teams to the Grand Canyon to experience not only its beauty but to learn from the canyon – from training, to preparing, to hiking, to celebrating.

The adventure

A bucket list adventure

The rim-to-rim or R2R is consistently ranked as one of the most difficult hikes on the planet. Located in the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park, it is a classic bucket list adventure.

In a R2R, you start at one of the rims and travel all the way down, across, and then back up the other rim –  a grueling 24 mile hike through one of the Wonders of the World.

By joining the Your 3:59 R2R Mission, you are not only signing up to do the R2R but the fees paid to Your 3:59 will be a charitable donation to mission trips Your 3:59 supports. This year’s trips will be supporting Atitlan Angels, a week-long mission trip serving the people of Guatemala around Lake Atitlan. R2R is not just a great hike. It’s a great lesson in life.

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