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"Every act of love is a work of peace, no matter how small."
-Mother Teresa

The story

Your 3:59 works to combine passion for travel with the passion for giving back. By joining in our adventures, you are not only signing up to do them but you are given the option of making a charitable donation through Your 3:59.

The adventure

Atitlan Angels

The next mission trip Your 3:59 is supporting is through organization Atitlan Angels, organized by Wendy Noble. Atitlan Angels is a non-profit organization born out of the desire to give back after Wendy adopted her son from Guatemala, Antonio, in 2006. She and her daughter, Natalie, decided in 2017 to start their own mission group which has taken two groups over so far and plans to have their next trip in June 2022.

During the 8-day trip, Atitlan Angels partners with Fundamaya, a local Guatemalan organization, to perform their main project which is to build a home over the course of 3 days. Other projects during the trip include things like:

  • Water Filter Installations
  • Food basket deliveries for families
  • Stove Building and Installations
To find out more about this upcoming mission trip, Wendy and Natalie put together this video for you. At the end, if you would like to learn even more about Atitlan Angels, our very own Dan & Claire featured the Noble family back in 2018 for a My 3:59 Spotlight.
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All 2022 Your 3:59 R2R teams’ donations will be going towards Atitlan Angels’ summer trip to help purchase supplies needed to perform their projects and most importantly, change the lives of so many.

Outside of monetary donations, other useful items include clothes, shoes, vitamins, backpacks, medical supplies, food, candy, and toys.

If you would like to learn more about Atitlan Angels or support their mission trips, please visit Atitlan Angels on Facebook or contact Wendy directly.

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