From hiking the Grand Canyon to embarking on a 500 mile pilgrimage through Spain, the mission is simple: live every day giving everything we have to achieve the impossibles of our lives in an attempt to be the people we are called to be in this one life we are given.

the story

Derived from determination, vision and purpose.

“Simple, yet profound, the ultimate My 3:59, the ultimate impossible, is waking up every day and giving everything I have to live the life God has laid out for me. To become the man I am called to be.” -Dan Klein

Derived from determination, vision and purpose, father, husband, friend, Dan Klein created the My 3:59 movement in 2016 based off of Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile. After going through life challenges of his own, he learned what life truly has to give and how quickly it can be taken away. Therefore he decided that he would live out the rest of his time becoming the man he is called to be - choosing to conquer the impossibles in his life.

Through the My 3:59 movement, the nonprofit Your 3:59 was created as a mission to combine adventure with philanthropy.

Dan now enjoys taking others through life's bucket-list adventures, proving that nothing is impossible if you decide so.

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